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    recently I started flying Qatar again after Emirates giving everyone a serious "haircut" on their Skywards point totals :eek:

    on all three flights I booked thus far, I have received a limited time offer to upgrade by email, my employer seems to be trying to limit Business Class travel as much as possible, so this is a simple option for me to pay myself

    I can easily make Gold with both Qatar and EK, their Business Class is definitely comparable. The constant remote parking for flights at Emirates own home airport has really become tiresome
    • Economy to Business Class on flight QR 0265 on Friday, June 05, 2015 from Doha to Larnaca at a special price of AED 1837 per person. This exclusive offer is available on a first come first served basis until 31-May-2015 02:30 GMT
    I do not find this offer above to be overly attractive but a recent Cairo flight was offered at just over AED1000 (USD 275) and those legs I chose to upgrade :cool:
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