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  1. We have seen a number of destinations of QF being droped or changed to Jetstar
    I would like to know what destinations and aircraft QF should be using and why?

    My suggestions are
    MAN UK with an A330 or 747, somewhere else in the UK other than LHR
    DSA UK, A380 - why becasue its one of the longest runways and there are some great village pubs around there.
  2. NZM


    YRED would be nice and would save me a lot of time for morning commutes to YBBN (BNE).
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    Yeah, imagine the earning potential if QF had a codeshare on a helicopter service :)
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    If we're talking about operated by the red kangaroo themselves...well, how about restoring OOL services? OOL is actually a city now, and actually a bigger one than HBA (which at least has a couple of token services to it) - I think it's high time QF really considered restoring services and a QP there.

    Also restore services to CHC at least in New Zealand.

    Routes I'd like to see QF fly? Some of these may be immediately shot down due to the 'profitability' test, but they would be interesting sectors. I'd like to say I live in hope, but I don't in these cases.
    • PER/AKL
    • HBA/PER
    • HND instead of / as well as NRT
    • Something international from DRW
    • First Class services from BNE and PER. The latter might be harder (unless you invent PER/SIN/LHR or how about PER/NRT(HND)/LHR?). In any case, some F lounges in those places, too.
    • xxx/DXB, where xxx is SIN or BKK. Or, PER/DXB.
    • xxx/MOW, where xxx is SIN, BKK or HKG.
    • GRU or GIG, perhaps as a tag flight / triangle from EZE.
    • The following European destinations, although undecided whether they should be hubbed at SIN, BKK or HKG. If QF ever did (but never will) operate all these routes, the number of tag flights (e.g. SIN/SYD, BKK/SYD etc.) heading back to AU might be nightmarish proportions! (Although at that point you would never have a problem getting a seat on a flight time of your choice from SIN or BKK to SYD).
      Perhaps QF might consider setting up a base at SIN and pushing for my dreamed Terminal oneworld (although cue all the AU people screaming unfair and jobs offshore etc.)
      • ARN, CPH (probably only one is good enough); HEL (possibly, although that will grate on AY)
      • MAD, BCN (one of those)
      • ATH, IST (one of those)
      • CAI
      • ROM
      • CDG (rather than just codeshare on AF - dumb idea that is)
      • MAN, EDI (one of those); DUB (would be nice)
      • VIE, ZRH (one of those, although this is right in the heart of enemy territory)
      • BUD (for better connections via MA to Eastern Europe)
        Ambitiously, I wouldn't mind QF and BA trying to create a unique LON service, e.g. fly QF to FRA and then a special BA 321 which lands in LCY. The 321 would probably need to be 1-class otherwise it won't be a viable service, but it may annoy those who must fly J or Y+ (unless you incentivise them with something else to put up with a ~1.5 hour flight to LCY). The attraction factor is that you can bypass LHR and all the customs rigmarole there and go through the easier LCY. Problem with these:
        • LCY is a small airport plagued by almost at-capacity, little possibility for immediate expansion, hard curfew times and an already annoyed surrounding community
        • If BA can't make it work with enough 321s, it'll be too expensive for what it's worth
        • The reverse trip won't be as fun, unless BA create a lounge at LCY (beyond the current gate lounge for BA CW LCY services)
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    I think QF have tried many Eurpoean destinations without success and reluctant to go back. The idea of going into "enemy territory" such as ZRH or VIE could have potential, but OS said they never made money (via KUL). Probably see them shrinking rather than expanding!
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    Considering AB (Air Belin) are joining OneWorld next year (and are well on the way to integrating), I'm willing to guess that FRA may move to BER (the new Brandenburg Airport being beling, not TXL which is a crap hole). AB's feeder network from BER is excellent, and AB itself is a stunningly good airline, even if it's considered a LCC for short haul (they do have J on long haul). After flying them several times over the year, they leave QF for dead! BER would be a better destination for leisure as well. FRA is really aimed at the business market, and seems to be a secondary consideration for QF as an option for LHR. Interesting times ahead.
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    Qantas should fly to NZ, instead of marginalising and underpaying the Australian employees of Jetconnect .

    (Too controversial? Off-topic? Oh well.)

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