Qantas flight diverted to Auckland

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    An article from the Dominion Post.

    Passengers flying from Wellington to Melbourne ended up with an unexpected delay in Auckland after an air-conditioning malfunction forced the plane to divert.

    A Qantas spokesman said the Boeing 737-800, with 160 people on board, left Wellington at 3pm today, before the minor malfunction was noticed.

    The plane diverted to Auckland because if it had crossed the Tasman Sea it would have faced altitude and speed restrictions, leaving it without enough fuel to make the trip.

    The plane did not land in Auckland until 6.30pm, spending more than three hours burning off fuel to get down to its landing weight, he said.

    Ground staff said the plane was unable to jettison fuel as larger planes could.

    Another plane was arranged to take the passengers on to Melbourne but was not expected to leave Auckland until 8.30pm, delaying passengers by about five hours.
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