Qantas delays plane deliveries amid fresh spending cuts

Discussion in 'Qantas Airways | Frequent Flyer' started by rwoman, May 4, 2012.

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    BBC: Qantas delays plane deliveries amid fresh spending cuts

    Who keeps saying the economy is improving?? I hope this has limited impact on jobs... Will domestic increases counter international leveling off or decreasing?

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    Qantas are getting expensive to fly with !
    Between Royal Brunei, (con, they dont do booze !) at one end and Qantas/Emirates at the other, there can be anywhere from around £350-£450 difference in economy flight prices, plus Qatar and a host of other Airlines are doing equal cabin service but with better seat pitches and better seat widths.
    Just as Qantas may need to curtail spending so do we the hard pressed flying public who pay for our own seats given the British government is so intent on screwing us for every last penny in taxes to go on any kind of holiday.
    We looked to book flights in Feb 2013 and are considering Qatar airways at £1044 against Qantas at almost £1250,(using 42k Qantas airmiles with no chance of any upgrades) ok not that big a difference some might say but go check Skytrax, check seating and check flight reviews which is what we all do nowadays.
    We`ve flown Boeing 777`s with Emirates and the then new A-380 and Qantas A-380 and apart from a bit more peace and quiet and possibly smoother take offs, havent been that impressed, being in a seat with amongst the narrowest seat width and 31" seat pitch with 4-500 others for 12 hrs at a time isnt that much fun.
    Best of luck to Qantas, had the flight price been any more competitive and/or airmiles been any more useful we`d have at least considered them.
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    Royal Brunei is nice and the airport @ BSB is in demand too, liked it rather much!:) Cannot speak for Qantas, as we have not flown with them [ yet ].
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