Qantas cancels flights worldwide - anyone stranded here?

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    I'm posting this separately because being stranded is of a more general interest - and I'm posting this with the hope that some MP members might be able to provide some form of assistance to other MPers who are, well, stuck.

    I'm travelling now but I can imagine how uncomfortable I'd feel if the airline I was flying on suddenly disappeared. This also impacted the heads of state and diplomats who flew over to the Commonwealth meeting in Australia by the way. Interesting timing...

    Qantas Cancels All Flights Worldwide

    Achtung! Everyone: Please keep this thread solely for discussion of if you are stranted, issues related to being stranded, or any offers of help for fellow Milepoint members who might be stuck.

    All other conversation should stay within the grounding master thread, which is also being frequently updated as information becomes available. (Last two paragraphs added at the suggestion of thewinchester (Michael H).

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    Keep in mind, even if you didn't purchase trip insurancemany credit card companies include trip cancellation insurance when you purchase flights with their cards. If you're stranded it may be worth calling your c.c. company to find out if you're covered through their purchase policy and if they can help you either get back home or continue your trip.
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    I'm in Brisbane if anyone needs some local help.

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