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    Q: I remember a reference to an "Original" t-shirt for members. Is there any new information available on this?

    A: As you might have seen posted elsewhere, any member who registers prior to May 15 and earns 25 status points will earn the title "Original Member" - so we have about another month for members to earn the title. We obviously plan on being around a long time so this 2 1/2 month period (March 1 - May 15) allows many members the opportunity to earn something they can be proud of for many years to come.

    With that in mind, we don't plan on sending t-shirts to members until later in May for three specific reasons: 1) we need enough time to gather the various shirt sizes (and styles) of our original members; 2) we really would like to place one large order for these shirts to maximize any savings we can get. (We love giving things to our members and figure the best way we can do this into the future is to try and maximize savings when doing so.); 3) Each original member will also get an "Original Member" luggage tag to be shipped at the same time. Shipping the tags along with the t-shirts will again make for a savings in our overall postage costs.

    So that's our plan. In the near future we will actually have a unique way for each original member to register their size and style online for the Original Member t-shirts. We wanted to come up with a way so as to not badger you in email for this information.

    UPDATE: Members can help choose the style of the Original Member t-shirt by LIKING one of 15 different choices. Click here to look and like.

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