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    Q: Short of following every thread in the Feedback/Support/Suggestions forum, how can I keep up with which suggestions are being approved/implemented?

    A: The history of milepoint is still short, but already members have offered several amazing suggestions - many of which have been implemented. To keep track of our approval and development process with regard to member suggestions, we have created a Suggestions and Bug Report Master List page.

    Items listed under "Pending" and "Watching" are in the plans and are either being worked on or are on hold for one reason or another. Most often, the hold is due to a partner constraint. If we haven't yet made a decision on a suggestion, it will be listed under "Researching". And suggestions that did not make it into current development plans are listed under "Tabled", along with a brief explanation as to our reasoning.

    No specific timelines are listed, but any timelines we might publish wouldn't likely be of much use anyway, as so often we switch gears when solutions are found for items that weren't necessarily at the top of the list previously, or when new items are added that jump to the top of the list and push others down. Still, the Watching and Pending lists should give you a relatively good idea of many of the features that are in the works. And, of course, the Tabled list will give you an idea of items that you probably shouldn't expect to see in the near future.

    Also, it should be noted that not everything is included on this list. For competitive reasons some features under consideration have to be kept under wraps (how's that for mysterious :p).

    A permanent link to the Suggestions and Bug Report Master List page is maintained within the Feedback/Support/Suggestions forum.
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