Pursue compensation for canceled flight?

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    So I had a flight canceled from EWR-BWI after arriving on a redeye from SAN due to operations two weeks ago that caused me about a 4-5 hour delay and a missed day of work (and a canceled engagement photo session, which caused anger directed at me on my fiance's part).... no fun. The lady in the United Club said I should contact Customer Care since they would likely compensate me something.

    I sent a polite email, explaining the situation (and noting that my previous two trips had canceled flights, but at least they rebooked me on acceptable flights that didn't delay me too much). I also noted that they never notified me by email/phone of the cancellation, but the on-point United lady in the lounge caught it and called me to the front desk. I also asked if I'd get my 500 mile PQM even though I had to take a train from EWR-BWI since it got me home quicker than waiting for the next flight.

    A woman from United responded about 2 weeks later, saying they don't give 500 mile minimums anymore (even though I checked my account and sure enough I was given 500 miles) and apologizing for the inconvenience, but she didn't offer anything.

    I'm not trying to get greedy here, and if it weren't for the fact that this has been 3 cancelled flights in a row (all due to mechanical or ops issues, no weather), I probably wouldn't even say anything. The nice lady in the United Club was the one who actually said I should contact Customer Care, and it does seem like most people here have gotten a cert or miles for similar experiences.

    That said, do I just come right out and ask for it? I'm Premier Silver, so any idea on what I should expect? Or am I just being greedy and/or entitled? Be honest, I can take it! Just don't want to leave something on the table. This is my first complaint I've ever filed with an airline, so I'm not one to nitpick.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Doesn't seem to me that you're being greedy asking for compensation, I'd just keep trying (nicely) different reps.

    And yes, I think you should just come out and ask. They're not going to volunteer it if you don't.
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    If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't focus on just the EWR-BWI cancellation. I would use that incident as the tipping point in sending a letter briefly explaining your concerns.

    If you feel you can write an unemotional, direct-to-the-point single-page letter that express your concerns and frustrations, I would do it. I would, if you can remember, mention the date, flight number and city pair for your cancelled flights. And then mention your EWR-BWI experience again. Frame it that you're growing more concerned about the reliability of United Airlines.

    I would, in fairness, speak about the good you got from the UC rep, even include her/his name if you can remember.

    If your goal is compensation, as a Premier Silver member (very low on the totem pole), I would ask for it, but not expect it. Fact of the matter is that United is likely getting a lot of complaint letters from Global Services and 1K members as it is, so, as a Silver, I wouldn't expect much.

    Good luck, let us know the outcome.

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