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    This actually *is* pretty confusing.

    1) These routing rules are truly unique to American, no other frequent flyer program requires award tickets to follow published routings on paid fares in this manner and while also prohibiting transit of third regions without specific published exceptions.
    2) The rules are not published publicly by AA anywhere.
    3) There is no simple way for most frequent flyers to validate their own itineraries against these rules even if they know about them!

    The two items I mention above are not connecting in a third region when traveling between two regions unless there is a specific exception. This rule is not a problem for any of the itineraries mentioned above because flying from North America to Asia 2 permits connections in Asia 1.

    The published routing rule does present an issue in some cases, I just looked up LAX-DPS fares on JL and found that travel between Japan and Indonesiia must be on JL itself. So you wouldn't for instance be able to fly LAX-NRT-KUL-DPS with KUL-DPS on MH. That said, try to price it, but if it doesn't this is why.

    One thing to note though is that I've found AA to be a little more generous when actually flying their own metal. There is a rule that's rarely and inconsistently enforced that you must travel the most direct routing, but I see very little likelihood of an issue backtracking in order to catch American's own transpacific flights (LAX-DFW-HKG on AA should be fine). Flying to HKG and onward to REP/DPS is definitely fine.
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