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    There seems to be a lot of inconsistency with how news items are posted to MP. I would like to propose recommended standard for all posts site wide (as below).

    What does everyone think of the proposal? Fine as is, need changes, or ideas for a better way of achieving consistency?

    In scope: Sitewide, any article of news posted by a to MP, using the create new thread button.
    Out-of-scope: Posting of articles from BoardingArea blogs by automated means.


    All such posts should include;
    1. Link to Source Article (Mandatory)
    2. A Recap or Quote from the Article (Mandatory), placed within a quote box.
    • The quote or recap should only include enough information to give a good overview of the story. It should never be a copy and paste of the entire article body.
    3. Your Comments or Insights (Optional, but recommended)

    Best practice example:
    The following is an example of how conforming new threads would look:


    Steps to impliment:
    1. A new thread is created and set as a sticky at the top of Newsstand, outlining the expected format for such articles.
    2. Milepoint Guides encouraged to clean up non-conforming posts, and alert the OP by way of the conversation feature to the issue and provide a link to the sticky post.
      NB: This should be required less and less as members become used to the minimum standard.
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    There are a few other automated feeds of posts that I'd consider exempt (each company in the ConcourseZ area can set an automated RSS feed if desired, for example). But otherwise I am STRONGLY in favor of having people use the quote tags to identify quoted material. I believe that without that the concept of fair use is being rather questionably applied and it certainly would make it easier to identify bis that are produced by a member versus just copy/pasted in.

    I'd also like to see it extend to all posts, not just those in Newsstand.

    And I also know that this proposal is DoA. But that won't stop me from supporting it.
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    I'm all for consistency, particularly with news posts. I've been frustrated with more than one news post so can certainly appreciate your suggestion. I think you'll need to rethink using MP Guides to enforce this though.

    What you're asking for, in my opinion, is moderation. While I personally wouldn't mind fixing posts as you suggest, I know many of my fellow Guides have expressed firm resistance to any additional duties that would appear to be moderation.

    I think there would need to be an alternate "enforcement" method.

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