Professional Pickpocket Gives 5 Tips for Avoiding Summer Travel Theft

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    How's this for a job title? Professional pickpocket.

    Bob Arno has built a career tracking street crime and then demonstrating thieves' unbelievable moves to stunned audiences in Las Vegas and around the world during an act he bills as "Con-Man Comedy."
    With the London 2012 Olympics right around the corner, Arno shared with "20/20" his tips for how to avoid becoming the victim of theft while traveling to the U.K. and elsewhere this summer.

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    I saw a documentary of sorts where Arno spent some time I believe in Italy searching out a famous pickpocket that was currently still working. This famous pickpocket ultimately allowed himself to be filmed lifting items from travels with the explicit agreement he would return everything. In fact Arno had something lifted from him and did not realize it until later. He got his stuff back a couple of days later. Really very interesting.

    I was given great advice regarding pickpocketing when I started travelling and, to my knowledge ;), have never had anything stolen....though almost once. I did however sit at the Trevi fountain one day and watch a group of pick-pocketers work the fountain. I never actually saw the lifts, but I knew what they were doing.
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    It's like asking a bank robber on " how to avoid the robbery "....!!!:D
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    I'm a big guy who never smiles when in a vulnerable area....and yet some idiot tried to pickpocket me in Rome, he got nothing from me. The person I was travelling with though, he lost his bag.

    Long story short, if the world didn't have pickpockets I'd smile.

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