Procedure With an Unsafe Vehicle?

Discussion in 'National | Emerald Club' started by The Boat, Jun 26, 2012.

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    recently I had reserved a premium vehicle out of FLL to which I was going to drive down to the keys and returning back in FLL. The car that I was given (since apparently FLL doesn't have Emerald Reserve) was a Saab 9.3. While the car was nice, I noticed that the seat belt would not retract to a position where it would actually protect me in the event of a collision. In fact I figured that in the event of a collision, I would have most likely been ejected from the vehicle as seat belt was at its maximum limit (I was trying to see if it could retract). So, instead of returning to FLL, I stopped at MIA to which the station manager brought over a BMW 5series. However, when I was leaving, I noticed that the car was not removed from the return line and there was no notation on the car as to the issue.

    Does anyone know the procedure with an unsafe vehicle (I suppose that it is different than a car with a ding or a dent)?
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    that you were aware of, perhaps the mgr took action in a different way.

    Wouldn't you notice a bad seatbelt immediately when trying to buckle up upon leaving FLL?

    I'm not sure what one can do except report issue(s) when returning a car.

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