Problem booking award ticket on KLM with Delta Skymiles

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by cgriffiths, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Hi everyone!

    I just wanted some advice on something that just happened to me. A couple of weeks ago I booked two one ways tickets to Nairobi on KLM business class using my Delta Skymiles. Award availability for Jan. 2014 wasn't open yet, so I've been trying to book my return since yesterday, but have had no luck. Expert Flyer shows 9 seats in Economy (X) class for the flights I need, but when I called Delta yesterday, they told me to try today as it was an overnight flight and they just couldn't book it even though their website showed the flights (of course when I tried to put them on hold, it says they just sold out as it seems to be the case most times with KLM flights on Delta's website). I called Delta again today, following what they told me yesterday. The first agent I talked to just said it wasn't possible and I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. After insisting a bit that there were 9 seats available in X class, i got her to call KLM and she just said KLM didn't want to release those seats, that she also saw the availability but there was nothing she could do about this. I'm a Platinum with Delta and I felt very mistreated with the rude agent and supervisor on the phone today. Has anyone experienced this or have any advice on how to book these seats, please??? Thank you!
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    This is a known problem with no known solution, unfortunately.
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    "We can see the availability but we can't book it"! Muahaha! Redeeming DL SM is not a pleasure, it's an onerous task that often requires confronting company reps who are either telling untruths (who are "misinformed" or the victim of system "glitches" in the parlance of DL apologists) or who tell the truth and reveal the published T&C to be a crock.

    There may be reasons to fly DL. As you see, expecting to be able to use DL SM in accord with their own published T&C is not one of them.

    The "known problem" of DL SM has "no solution." Indeed.

    This is why DL SM is incontestably [​IMG] best in class [​IMG]

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