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Discussion in 'Air Canada | Aeroplan' started by YULtide, Sep 28, 2013.

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    On Thursday Mrs YULtide and I were flying out of YEG and the security line was verrrry long. No worries, thought I, one of the nice little perks I get is priority security, so I led the way to that line and was informed that because Mrs YULtide does not have status we could not use the priority line. First time that has happened to us. So, when we both get through the fast line, is it just because someone is having pity on us (as happened Friday morning in YYZ), or was it YEG that was out of step?

    Incidentally, we did finally get through just in time to get to the gate for boarding. So we lost an opportunity to go to the MLL, but otherwise no problems. First world problems, I suppose.
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  2. I've seen them do that to people in the nexus line at YYZ domestic. I have also seen them let people go with a warning. Depends what mood the agent is in that day it seems.
    They also appear to be more strict at the international security checkpoint.
    YEG is usually a "by the book" station. I get more secondary checks of my carry on than anywhere else where I get none usually
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    I've seen this happen a few times but if you are with your +1 you usually shouldn't have an issue. I'd attempt it at every security point, I'd say 90% of the time you should get through with her(I've never had an issue personally and my +1 never has had airline status and I'm based out of YEG).
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