Priceline Users - Have you tried "Express Deals" yet?

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    Priceline just recently launched a new way of booking hotels, called "Express Deals". It works pretty much the same as Hotwire. Yes, PL still offers Name Your Own Price but have now introduced a model similar to Hotwire.

    - You get to see the price, no bidding required.
    - You get to see the hotel amenities.

    There are a few subtle differences between Priceline's express deals and Hotwire (which I describe in a recent blog post on Priceline's Express Deals product), but it's more or less the same thing.

    Anyone tried it yet? I've spent a lot of time figuring out how it works, but haven't yet had a chance to compare it to Priceline's Name Your Own Price. My guess is that it will be more expensive than NYOP, so travellers can use the Express Deals price as the upper limit when bidding.

    It will be interesting to see how it compares to Hotwire too.
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    It seems pretty much the same as Hotwire. Ouch. That's going to take a bite out of Hotwire's market.

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