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    Hi all sorry for the low post count. I always lurk but am afraid to post since I'm afraid of sounding stupid (noob!). Hopefully someone can help me answer this question!

    I'm currently wondering on how available this is as my friend says he always is able to do this for his routes from HKG YVR yet because of the terrible Asia Miles customer service line, I still am not able to find out directly from them.

    Long story short my friend buys Premium Economy seats for a HKG YVR round trip all the time and then upgrades to Business class using miles. This way he tells me he gets full mileage for the trip and then the extra benefit of upgrading to Business. His return is usually waitlisted but always shows up.

    I usually only search for reward seats in either Econ, Bizz, or first and have never thought of "upgrading." How available is this option?

    Hopefully this hasn't been discussed before :s TIA!

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