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    With regard to DL I am a GM and was invited to
    "opt in" which I did
    I live in NY. I called dl last night to ask about pre flight status and was told I need to log onto
    And fill out form to get a # which I can add to my dl profile
    So I am on "GOES "enrollment page clicking on trusted traveler.
    I have established an account but have NOT
    Certified the info yet.
    It occurred to me I might be in too deep
    Please advise?
    Is there any way of knowing if one is actually part of the pre check system for consideration?Does having a global or other card facilitate pre check ?
    Thank you for your help :) in advance
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    I have both Nexus & Global Entry...and I was able to get my trusted traveler number from GOES to enter at If you already have Global Entry...I don't believe there's anything you need to do other than get the number and enter it at :)
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