PPV UF: Katy "Tiger" P vs. Taylor "Honeybadger" S

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    How much would you pay for this show? Our contenders are two world champions of social media domination and self-promotion. There's bad blood, and already plenty of hissing. The loser is to submit publicly on social media to the boss-girl winner. No animatronic aids, just ultimate rules, fists, nails and teeth etc.

    Both contenders have height, however, Honeybadger has two inches over Tiger.... Honeybadger may be meaner, wilder, but Tiger is bigger, stronger, in good shape... I predict, Katy to defeat Taylor, in five rounds, split decision. This contest should be entertaining and worth more than a few $. Where are their agents? I'll broker this and license to AA/DL/UA etc for maximal in-air seatback entertainment.

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