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    MPers are a divert lot. We are lefties and righties, men and women, liberals and conservatives, etc. But one thing we all have in common is that we like to complain, the pettier the better. Thus, I would like to start the official petty complaint thread.

    The level of complaint is up to you. It can be a pet peeve, a "first world problem" or just something that grinds your gears. I'll start:

    A complaint about a complainer: The low-floor elevator complainer:

    My office is on the 29th floor which, in my elevator bank, is about halfway between min and max. Around lunch time and the end of the day, the elevator stops on virtually every floor. Hey, it happens. Inevitably, however, there is a guy who gets on on 27, after which, the elevator stops at 26, 25, 24, etc. By the time we get to 25, this guy is sighing as loudly as possible to express his frustration with the fact that somebody had the temerity to get between him and the ground floor. Well, what does he expect? In fact, he is on the lower end of the range. He should be thankful that he isn't one of the guys on 33 who has to stop at every floor, including 27, where he is causing the congestion.

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    I hate buying roundtrip tickets, reserving over-priced JAX hotel rooms, and eating udgodly bbq all in the run up to seeing my beloved bulldawgs getting blasted by the Florida Gators.....again!

    Here's to the start of a new trend.
    Go Dawgs!
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    When I tell Windows 7 to shut down (because I wanna go home) and I have to wait because it needs to install 561 updates.
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