Post merger United strands millions in CLE/cuts flights from 151 to <50 /throws a party

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by ahappyelite, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Since there is so little good to celebrate about the ghastly, choiceless ordeal of post merger aviation, United has decided to not be, it simply celebrates the greed mandated deteriorations they are responsible for. Ground your majestic 747's and replace them with maxjets: break out the (cheapest possible) champagne!!!! Starve millions of locals at CLE of direct and reasonablly frequent flights break out the hors doeuveres (ok pretzels)!!!. And the worthless media will even write a story dictated by the cartel. Fly those Friendly Skies Cleveland, if you can find a flight, pay through the nose and enjoy your lengthy, tenuous, greed-necessitated layover in ORD/EWR/IAH or whererever you are forced to fly through.

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