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    Much more often than not, I really don't think of what kind of cuisine I'm eating anymore as an ethnic-type cuisine, unless I'm explaining it to someone else. Maybe it is because of where I live and how varied my dining selections are. Maybe it is because of how I cook. I pretty much consider all of it "food" and not, i.e., Japanese Food, Mexican Food, etc. Yesterday, I made a nice sashimi plate for dinner - 4 types of fish, brown rice, tamago, hijiki salad, and some mushrooms and avocado. In my mind, it was "fish and salad" and not "Japanese Food." Today, I had leftover curry and the leftover tamago. In my mind, it was "leftovers" and frankly, I'm not quite sure what type of curry it was that I made, but it perhaps tended toward Thai-style. A hodgepodge of so many different things come out of my kitchen that have influences of many things, but aren't "fusion" or trying to be anything fancy. It is just food, in the post-ethnic era in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comments? Fish for dinner.jpg

    "Fish for Dinner"

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