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    Applied and was approved for the Amex Hilton (no fee) about a week and a half ago. Today I get an email invitation to complete a survey on the application. I clicked through to the landing page, but had second thoughts paranoid about phishing and if it was legit as it appeared to be, giving Amex too much info on why I applied.(for the bonus)

    Anyone have any experience with these Amex post app surveys?
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    American Express seems to do more surveys than everyone else put together. They even have surveys about satisfaction with their Collections process (luckily I do not know that from personal calls). I have had at least twenty such surveys from them dealing with everything from referrals (when the cardmember must talk with AE reps or otherwise have an exception in approving a transaction); international transactions; posting rewards claims; calling customer service; requesting credit changes and tons of others. The big thing to do is verify taht it is indeed American Express prior to answering, if you want to answer, that it. They normally give a code to use so you need not enter account data. NEVER enter account data, IMO.

    I almost always answer their questions.
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