Possible Award Help Request Thread?

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Would a thread under each airline program providing help on award bookings be a good addition?

  1. Yes :)

  2. No :(

  1. Hi All- Hopefully I don't get flamed too quickly for this but was thinking that maybe we could have some sort of stickied thread for the different mileage redemption programs where people could go to get help on finding award bookings?

    That way, requests for help can be all in one area and if people feel like they have some time/kindness in their hearts, they will be willing to help other members out :)

    For example, I've spent a lot of time building my OneWorld award ticket and would be able to help someone at the AA forum. However, I am now trying to book my dad on his skypesos (thanks for the term gleff!) and am having a horrible time trying to find the lower tiered awards even with expert flyer and the kvs tool.

    What do you all think? Would it not be a good idea to have a set sticky where people can go put in their help requests for each award program? Or would these requests likely be too much and not valuable to the community?
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  3. I saw the definitive guide but felt like that wouldn't be an appropriate place to request help. Rather, the thread appeared to be more about info?
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    FYI, I don't think gleff invented the term skypesos. I think it's due to the person known as DYKWIA on MP.
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    The plan seems to be to go to wikis instead of stickies. The wikies will be referenced at the top of the appropriate forum, and also will all be listed in the wiki link in the top menu bar. Visit the AA or UA forum to see how it is being handled. (user guide/help desk)
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    I'd be up for helping people, and UPGRD.COM has an award concierge so does Luckycoins from Flyertalk.

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