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    A policy regarding username changes was determined some time back, but unless you were participating in the thread in which it was announced you might have missed it, so we thought we would re-post it here for posterity.

    From the "What if we allowed members to change their handles on request?" thread:
    Based on everyone's input and suggestions, combined with our experience and a desire for manageability, we have decided upon the following milepoint username change policy:

    Milepoint members are allowed username changes upon request. When a username is changed, the member's former username will display as his/her title for at least 30 days, unless any of the following conditions are met:

    1. The former username contains all or part of the member's real name
    2. The former username is the member's email address
    3. The change is a minor typographical correction

    It should be noted too that we're taking what we call a "Pirates of the Caribbean" approach to milepoint policy - They're more what you'd call 'guidelines' really :)

    Because of the 30-day former username disclosure requirement, there is a natural 30-day limit on username changes. But in reality, if someone wants his/her username changed every month that isn't going to happen. When it comes to frequent username requests from a single member, common sense will be the rule of the day.
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