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    Hello, as I wrote in this post of my blog, using Pointshound with Euro Currency I noticed two things:
    - Exchange (Euro/US Dollar) is not always correct and up to date: it's ok can exercise a little mistake
    - Bonus are very different: and this is a serious problem

    For exaple two hotel for one night in Milan (1-2 december) with Delta Skymile Program as earning option you have:
    - hotel Hermitage 172$, miles 2100 (about x12)
    - hotel Raddison Blu Milano 126$, miles 850 (about x7)

    If the same hotel they are looking for "in Euro":
    - hotel Hermitage 131€, miles 500 (about x3)
    - hotel Raddison Blu Milano 100€, miles 300 (about x3)

    With yahoo exchange euro dollar is:
    100€ -> 136,069$ (10 dollars)
    131€ -> 178,2858$ (6 dollars)

    For the difference in miles it's just a temporary error or not?

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