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    So m,y wife and I are in the initial brainstorming phase of a trip down under. After looking around, there does not seem to be a lot of options for hotel award nights outside of the big cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland).

    In particular, we were thinking about trying to do something in the Cumberland/Whitsunday Islands (like Lizard/Hayman) on the Great Barrier Reef/coral Sea, or Kangaroo island (to the south). Something to get a little more exotic and not big city.

    I found a couple of of holiday Inns in Cairns and by Darwin. There was also a SPG property by Cairns but nothing out of this world.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Am I looking in the wrong place? I'm rather disappointed in the lack of options for a stay for what I am looking for. :( (Guess that is my own fault). I just figured there would be lots of options on the Great Barrier Reef.
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    No, you are right. Outside big cities there really arent a lot o choices when speaking of hotel redemptions... there might be some IHG, Choice or Best Western properties, but nothing to report home about...
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    When we went sailing in the Whitsunday Islands we used the often derided Capital One Venture points to pay for our accommodations.

    That being said I also recall that Loyalty Traveler mentioned a lot of Choice and Best Western properties in more out of the way parts of australia, as @Mirror47 mentioned.

    There seems to be a rather nice Best Western in Arlie Beach, which is the 'Land' side of the Whitsundays.
    That being said I have no idea how the Best WEstern program works and 20,000 points for the night seems like a lot.
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