Poe: Rein In The TSA, Protect Our Privacy And Our Safety

Discussion in 'Travel Security' started by ACMM, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Washington, D.C. - Last night, Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) introduced H.R. 6449, the Air Travelers' Bill of Rights Act. This legislation will establish a bill of rights to protect the basic rights of air travelers, while strengthening airport security operations. The bill serves as a companion bill to S. 3302, which was recently introduced by Senator Rand Paul (KY) in the Senate.

    Every day, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening procedures violate the rights and privacy of innocent travelers. It's time to put an end to this. We have all seen the reports and pictures of nuns, children, and grandparents being patted down by aggressive TSA agents. It's time for Congress, and the American people, to step back and ask ourselves: "Is this really making us safer?"

    A recent report from the House Committee on Homeland Security stated: "Eleven years after 9/11, the American people expect to see tangible progress in transportation security, with effective operations that respect both their privacy and their wallets. The private sector is best suited to this challenge, not the federal government." Yet, today, the TSA is either unable, or simply refuses, to address the privacy concerns of the travelling public or to move forward on mandates to privatize elements of the agency. Passengers are forced to go through scanners whose safety has not yet been proven. This has to stop; it is time for Congress to take action.

    "TSA procedures have crossed the line, violating every traveling American's right to Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches. A trip to the airport these days leaves Americans with embarrassing choices: go through a peek-a-boo body scanner or be groped in an enhanced pat-down . That's not much of a choice at all," said Poe.

    Among the 17 minimum rights laid out in the passenger Bill of Rights:

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    That excludes quite a few airports.
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    More posturing by politicians. Senator Ted Kennedy had his hassles in being on the no-fly list, Rand Paul gets into a confrontation with the TSA, even Jason Chaffetz, who had a high-profile encounter with the TSA.

    None of these things led to any changes with the TSA. Why should some measly Bill by some Congresscritter get any traction? We all know the cards are stacked against us, and for as long as former government people are getting their pockets lined and DHS budgets are getting padded, not a damn thing is going to change. NOTHING.

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