PLK: Branson Airport Officials Hope to Recruit Additional Airline

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    BRANSON, Mo. -- Southwest Airlines will only serve the Branson airport for a few more months, but airport leaders are planning for the future.

    Southwest Airlines will continue to serve the Branson airport through June 6. After that, Frontier will continue flights in and out of the airport. There are also plans to recruit an additional airline to the area.

    When the announcement came in 2012 that Southwest Airlines would serve the Branson airport, area leaders say there was a positive response.

    "Certainly we were pleased with the Southwest service," says Hollister City Administrator Rick Zirgenfuss. "And we continue to be pleased with the Southwest service and its impact to our community and economic development."

    Southwest has been operating flights to and from Chicago, Houston and Dallas. Although that will be changing in June, airport officials have high hopes for what's to come.

    "We will be looking at other services to come in so people can continue to fly out with a lot of choices and options to places all around the country," says Branson Airport Executive Director Jeff Bourk.
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    Well after finding that they can now land a B737-700 at that smaller airport just over seven miles from Branson without completely wrecking the plane and it's pax, perhaps SWA has decided to use that as a less costly alternative. Only problem with that plan is that they haven't figured out (yet) how to then fly out of that shorter runway with a fully fueled and loaded aircraft. Perhaps that was a secretly planned test flight into the smaller field. Is there some wide quiet back road that they could use to then get the aircraft taxied over to Branson to fly out the return pax?
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    I guess that's what the executive director meant by saying:


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