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    Doing search HKG to JFK, 1/30/13. Flight 830 does not show up.

    My last question made me look like an all-time idiot but I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right this time! Please check.

    Many thanks.
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    It looks like CX didn't update the schedule in our primary GDS. If you select the Don't Show Interline Connections option our system uses a different GDS where the schedule was updated:

    Results from
    Flight Availability Search
    Departing HKG on 01/30/13 9:00 AM for JFK
    Flying CX
    Don't Show Interline Connections
    Flight        Stops  Depart            Arrive            Aircraft  Reliability    Available Classes
    0 Connections
    CX 830        0      HKG                JFK                77W      Daily          F4 A4 J9 C9 D9 I9 W9 R9 E9 Y9 B9 H9 K9 M9 L9 VL SL NL QC OL
                        01/30/13 9:35 AM  01/30/13 12:10 PM            76% / 24m
    0 Connections
    CX 840        0      HKG                JFK                77W      Daily          F4 A4 J9 C9 D9 I9 W9 R9 E9 Y9 B9 H9 K9 ML LL VL SL NL QC OL
                        01/30/13 4:20 PM  01/30/13 7:15 PM            55% / 37m
    We have emailed the primary GDS to let them know of the schedule error. In the future, please email these issues to thanks.

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