Planning a Trip: Guidebook Versus the Web

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by Newscience, Dec 29, 2013.

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    The Internet is without a doubt the best place to find excellent travel advice.

    Unfortunately, it's also the best place to find the very worst travel advice. And an inexperienced traveller may not be able to tell the difference between the two. So I think some sort of guidebook industry will be around for a while. (The printed versions may go away, though.)
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    Being a map (and book) store owner, I have mixed feelings about this subject. But I seem to fall on the side of the author. Both are good and for a stress free trip, both should be used.

    That being said, there is no reason to get a new guidebook everytime one comes out. Find a good one that is about 5 years old from a used book store (or buy one new) mark it up, tear out pages, verify the information on the internet. Basically use it as a textbook but study the other sources too. It is called homework.

    Many people find that planning is actually more exciting than the trip itself. When you imagine seeing a place before going, you don't have to deal with TSA, hours cooped up in a metal tube, etc.

    But enjoy the planning with a decent guide book.
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    In my opinion the best solution is a mix.
    If you do not have much experience with travel a general guide on how to organize a trip can be a good starting point.
    When you need to plan a long trip, for example, a tour in a new country, a guidebook is very useful to get an overview.
    Internet (forums, travel diary) on the other hand is very useful for the details: what to see in a specific place, where to eat etc..
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    Before the internet (even though there was arpanet around) vacation/summer travel was divided into two - Guidebooks/Sunday Magazines and College/University Travel Clubs/Associations. In the early 80s, "Let's Go Guides" and College Associations were essential to planning. Travel Clubs have become internet forums, and books..they remain, some good, some bad.

    With tablets/ipads, the atom/material book publishers are moving to electronic versions, but some guides are invaluable - specially one's with lots of maps and pictures ;) I am visually biased, hence have an affinity to DK guides rather than LP.

    We used to meet at Muddy Charles pub on occasions to swap tips and stories to places we were planning on going, and a veteran or two who had gone would regale with stories - We bought his/her drinks :)
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