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    After 16 days on the road, and nearly as many hotel rooms, I started having definite opinions on how hotel rooms should be designed. Of course, the basics are required: safety and cleanliness, a comfortable bed, a functioning bathroom. But what else would make for perfection in a hotel room? I'm not necessarily talking about luxury and pampering, though that is wonderful, but what would made your time in that room as easy as possible?

    • if the sink is separate from the bathroom, it should be furthered separated from the beds so that the lights do not disturb a sleeping roommate
    • a clock you can read at night without turning on the room lights
    • an easy-to-set alarm
    • a sleep timer on the tv remote
    • a tv screen with the day's weather forecast
    • temperature controlled by a thermostat, not "high cool" or "low cool"
    • at least one luggage rack/bench for each bed in the room
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    The AC/Heat system cannot direct the conditioned air directly onto the work desk area resulting in either freezing a person or baking them.

    The countertop space at the vanity has to be large enough to easily hold items brought along (such as curlimg iron/shaver, ditty bag, brushes, etc)

    Light, lights, lights! Enough to see what is in our gear at night

    Two receptacles at the nightstand, to charge phone and power a second device such as laptop, speakers for iPod, etc.
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