Pinterest spreading to the travel world

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    LA TImes: Pinterest spreading to the travel world

    I know I use foursquare to get ideas when I travel!


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    I have several travel related boards on pinterest. I have one that lists out the hotels that I want to stay in, one for our Ireland trip and one for places that I want to go. I follow Priority Club on Pinterest. I haven't found other hotel chains.

    It is very interesting to see what people are interested in. Most of my friends post recipes and home decor/organization. Only my sister posts travel items.

    The main issue that I have found is that there is not much useful content yet. When you search for something, you end up with the same pictures over and over. I try to make my pins useful - not just a pretty picture.
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    I am not a fan of Pinterest. Each time after I've visited the site I feel like I've just wasted time, and have learned nothing new. I will continue to try the site every so often in the hope it improves but in the meantime prefer other sources for travel ideas - as well as decorating ideas.
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