Pierre Herme Paris @ 13 Lowndes Street, London, England, UK

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    London || June 2013

    During one of our walks in London we passed the Pierre Herme Paris store at 13 Lowndes Street. Knowing Pierre Herme from Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in Tokyo , we couldn't resist the temptation and have a look inside.

    The store was understated and looked more like a jewelry shop than a Patisserie. It was contemporary.

    When we entered we were warmly greeted by the sales person. We were interested in the macaroons and were friendly advised about the different flavors. All looked very tempting. We had an apple, mint, cucumber and roquette macaroon from the Jardin Potager collection - only available until end of June, so hurry - and a Veloute Banane (yogurt and banana flavored) macaroon. One macaroon costs 1.85 GBP or ca. 2.20 Euro / 2.90 USD.
    There are also gift boxes available, besides that we saw chocolates, hazelnut spread and jams.

    We tried the macaroons outside, and they were as good as ever, focused on the texture and intense flavors. They weren't sweet at all.

    When we returned from some other shopping, we decided to check if Pierre Herme had still open. The same lady opened the door for us; even so they had already closing up for the day and invited us in. We took another two macaroons, one Imagine (matcha tea and black sesame crisp) and one Veloute Ispahan (yogurt, rose, litchi and raspberry). Ispahan is the most sold macaroon, while the Imagine tasted like drinking real Japanese green tea.

    We showed also some interest in a chocolate bar, so the sales person allowed us to taste the flavor by offering us miniatures. The lady explained the milk chocolate contained 45 % cocoa and French hand harvested sea salt, which made it not too bitter and not too sweet. It is best to let the chocolate melt in the mouth, then the salt flavor comes out very clear and adds a nice prickle to the tongue. We decided this was excellent and bought one to take home with us. It was beside Amedei's Porcelana the most expensive bar we've ever bought at 8.50 GBP (ca. 10 Euro / ca. 13.40 USD).

    During the visit we also chatted about where we knew Pierre Herme from and our trip to Tokyo .
    We had a very good experience and felt treated as valued customers.

    Next time we are going to have a bigger budget to try out more.

    Would we recommend? YES!
    Would we return? YES!

    Safe travels. :)
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