PHL contruction update May 2015

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    By PHL:
    Construction started on the departure lanes to add K4 bollards and sleeves (round metal pillars) and remove the cement 'Jersey barriers". Curb cuts are also being realigned.
    The right lane/drop off areas are constricted during peak hours with short drop off areas.
    Lanes are reduced to one in multiple terminals while the concrete is broken up and removed.
    Hopefully it will be done before the World Meeting of Families and the Pope arrive.

    Terminal F new baggage claim building has quickly risen since January.
    All current arrivals must walk (after leaving security) upstairs and left through to Terminal E/D.
    All baggage claim for US Express is on belt #4.
    The connection between Terminals E and F will not start until April of 2016 so you will need to catch the bus to go to Terminal F for US Express.

    By AA/USAirways:
    The B/C Terminal is being renovated to add new kiosks for self check-in.
    There is a large white box built between desk 57-67.
    Note that First Class check-in is to the right of the construction zone, all others are to the left.
    If you are on American metal, there is only 1 check-in kiosk at desk#75. If you have bags to check your best bet is Terminal A.
    The plan is to change over to new counters and logos throughout the summer and the merger finalizes.
    Passenger reservation s systems remain separate until October.
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