Perkins on Travel: When your hotel overbooks, and you're left out [ + MP POLL ]

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Have you been ever " walked " by a hotel?

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  1. uggboy
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    || Perkins on Travel: When your hotel overbooks, and you're left out ||

    I'm glad that our rooms we book, were so far always there! [ like it should be ]:)
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  2. MLW20
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    I had this problem once at a hostel in Istanbul. There were no rooms left (at a reasonable price) anywhere in the main areas. We ended up staying in this little apartment that stunk like cigarettes for a few days.
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  3. Mapsmith
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    My experience was also on Priceline. Had booked a precruise hotel in San Juan thru Priceline. Got to the Hotel at 10PM. No rooms. IN THE ENTIRE TOWN. It was the Festival de San Sebastian, the largest festival in San Juan all year. Hotel at first could do nothing. We eventually tracked down that they had a Parlor Room. In other words, the non-sleeping area of the Presidential Suite. We were given this with a roll away and two sofas. Actually turned out to be a nice room. Except the Bath and Shower were behind a Glass Wall that gave a view to the entire room. (Fortunately just mapwife and I). Great views (of the shower and the ocean too). And access to the Club for Breakfast.

    Sometimes when life throws plantains at you, you just have to make Mofongo.
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