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  1. Hi - I an MBA student are currently doing some research on people joining reward programs.

    Are you willing to volunteer in my research? The people I'm wanting to interview satisfy the following criteria:

    • you have rewards but don't really know what do do with them (or you only use them for paying for hotels and flights)
    • you have rewards from one or more programs collected, but your are not using them (or at least not often)

    If you satisfy the criteria above, I would be very happy to hear from you. All I would need form you is 30 minutes of your time for a telephone interview via Skype or by chat.

    Please e-mail me directly if you are willing to help: <email removed by Mod per policy - suggest you PM the OP if interested>

    Thanks in advance and I will also share my research results with you.
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    Isn't using them to pay for hotels and flights knowing what to do with them, because that's usually the highest redemption value?
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    You do realize that MP does not constitute a random sample of FFs?
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    Agreed. MP'ers are a very defined subset of FFs. Your results might be pretty skewed.
  5. hi all and thanks for your support. MP is one of many resources I'm using for my research :) However, please only reply if you are willing to participate. Thanks.

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