PEK Air China Business Class Lounge (Star Gold) Review

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    *Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this is the right location for an airport lounge review. I tried to find others, but couldn't.*

    PEK is more or less my home airport so over the last few years i've become very familiar with the *A lounge on both the domestic side and the international side of the new(ish) Terminal 3. On my most recent trip out of PEK the other day i decided to snap a few photos with this quick post in mind. If you're in the PEK airport and have time to kill then the lounge is the place to go; there isn't much else to see or do once past security. To give you a fair overview of the lounge, here's the top 8 great things about it and the bottom 4 bad things... followed by some photos:

    TOP 8
    1. Clean, private bathrooms.
    2. Showers.
    3. Predictable (although not particularly life-changing) food.
    4. Typically not very crowded.
    5. Nice big windows.
    6. Fast, reliable wifi (although the sign-in process is stupid. See #3 below)
    7. Friendly staff.
    8. Great location in the terminal.
    BOTTOM 4
    1. Snack selection sucks. Unless you're Chinese. Maybe Chinese people love those things.
    2. The hot food isn't always as fresh as you would hope.
    3. It's a weird system of signing onto the wifi. You have to scan your passport into a machine and it spits out the wifi code. Seems like an invasion of privacy just to get on the internet.
    4. Not as quiet as other lounges i've been in. I guess this can be good or bad. Sometimes too much silence makes me nervous. Most of the noise is just "noise pollution" carried over from what's going on in the terminal below. The lounge isn't behind big glass doors like other places, it's just a quick escalator ride up from the main terminal floor.
    Warning: They don't want you taking pictures. As soon as this picture snapped the lady said, "Sir, no photos! Please delete!" Okay, sure, yeah right. lol.
    Another benefit is that at the entrance to the lounge these little golf cart buggies wait to take you to your gate. For $3 you can zip through the terminal like a rockstar. Can't beat that!
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