Pearson airport traveller’s pricey Bell payphone lesson

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    When George Benninger popped his credit card into a Bell payphone at Pearson airport last month, he was just calling his home near Stratford to check his daughter was en route to pick him up.
    That call, which he said lasted about a minute, cost him $11.49.

    “I didn’t have any change, so I put in my Visa card,” Benninger said. “If I had known this, I would have given someone $5 to use a cellphone.”

    He said he was shocked when he opened his Visa bill and saw the charge, noting it doesn’t leave a great impression of Toronto for visitors.

    Benninger contacted WiMacTel, a Calgary-based company listed on the bill, to complain, but said he was told “it was legal and (there was) nothing they were prepared to do about it.”

    “Sometimes things are legal, but not morally proper,” Benninger said of the experience.
    WiMacTel is a privately held company that provides operator services for payphones, hotels, hospitals, universities and colleges and local exchange companies, according to its website. It specializes in routing and billing of collect, third party, person to person, calling card and credit card telephone calls.

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