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Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by Stils, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Hey guys and gals,
    I post over in the delta forum a lot but lurk here a little bit as well. I haven't really done any mileage runs or FD or anything but I was looking for some possible ideas or advice.
    I fly between PBI/FLL to DTW/LAN/FNT on a somewhat regular basis with Delta. A lot of times I really have an entire day I could be flying if I could find a good mileage run but I'd like to start in Michigan and end up in Florida or vice versa (work to home, home to work). I thought that the Matrix software let you look up miles/dollar and find weird routings for good miles/dollar but I can't find that anymore.
    Like I said I'm kind of a newbie with this type of thing so if I'm missing a good thread that can help I'll check that out as well. The FD FAQ doesn't really help in this situation I don't think.
    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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