Paying the Chile Entry Fee

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    I don't want to go to Santiago
    I'm willing and able to pay the fee.
    But my destination is Antofagasta, an international airport accessible by a change of planes in Lima, from the US, and waaaaaay north of Santiago
    Can I actually pay up there?
    And if i can't will I get into trouble?
    I've read posts that state the fee is collected ONLY at SCL
    But will I be illegal if I don't waste at least a day each way to go to SCL just to pay a dang fee?
    Or refused entry at ANT?
    BTW the Chile consulate in LA didn't know, but the nice lady couldn't believe that anyone would NOT want to go to Santiago
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    There is an extra fee for US citizens arriving at SCL. You can legally enter Chile without that fee through any other available border crossing - airport, land, or sea.

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