Pax save infant on flight enroute to Puerto Rico

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    Two Massachusetts women helped resuscitate a six-month old baby who had stopped breathing on board a flight to Puerto Rico earlier this month, and helped keep the baby breathing for two tense hours until the plane was able to land in Wilmington, N.C., according to family and other passengers.

    Jeanne Gallahue was on board a Dec. 8 JetBlue flight from Washington D.C. to San Juan, Puerto Rico with her family for a vacation when she said she heard the flight attendant call for anyone with medical experience to come to the rear of the plane.

    A baby had stopped breathing.

    Gallahue, 63, who has worked as a trainer for first responders, said she and a fellow passenger, Rose Smith, a cardiac nurse originally from Worcester, rushed to the back of the plane and began CPR. The baby, Smith said, had to be revived repeatedly.

    “We counted, and she went under about eight times, and we were able to bring her back,” said Smith, who currently works in Washington D.C.

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