Pax arrested for scratching pilot, claims self defense

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    A woman traveling cross-country to see her family in Colombia instead spent Christmas in jail after she allegedly scratched a pilot during an in-flight fracas aboard a JetBlue plane.

    Trisha Sen, 39, of Los Angeles, has been charged with battery during the Christmas Eve incident, according to TV Station CBS4 Miami. She claimed she was acting in self defense as airline staffers converged on her during the flight from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale Fla.

    Police said Sen scratched a pilot who attempted to speak with her and fought two flight attendants who tried to restrain her, the station reported. The incident occurred after she was cut off from having another drink on board and was pacing the aisle, the station reported.

    A passenger on the flight took a video of her being escorted off the plane, which he posted on his Instagram page. He claimed the woman went "nuts" on the flight and was "yelling all over the place."
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    I'm absolutely shocked alcohol was involved. :eek: Oh, wait. No, I'm not. :rolleyes:
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