Passport lost: A travelers nightmare!

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    Some people magnetize trouble. It is nothing to be ashamed of; many of us fall into the same category. While some get clumsy all the time, falling head on in an interview others may be present at the right place on the wrong time. The ‘worst luck’ title can definitely be bestowed upon the poor souls who either lose their belongings at crucial times or forget them. Any which way, imagine that happening on a vacation abroad. God forbid if that happens, but in case it does, we bring to you the ‘what to do list’, which will come to your rescue.

    The most important rule, DO NOT PANIC. Panic is as bad as other vices you might have. Panic shadows your mind and disables you from thinking calmly. Get a grip of yourself, gulp down a glass of water, sit back and think.
    Remaining calm in such a situation is very important.

    Who else can come to your rescue better than the police? Spot the nearest police station and pay them a visit. If your luggage has been stolen or you have lost it by mistake, they can help you. Also, the same will help you extensively while claiming your travel insurance.

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