Passengers urged to boycott Ryanair after passenger is ejected from flight

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    Ryanair is facing calls for a boycott in Spain after a YouTube video showing a passenger being forcibly ejected from an aircraft went viral.

    The video, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times, shows the woman remonstrating with security guards before being escorted from the plane at Valencia airport.

    Fellow passengers claim she was not allowed to travel because she had broken Ryanair's strict hand-luggage rules that restrict passengers to only one item of hand-luggage. They said she was carrying a book and a scroll which wouldn't fit into her case and she was removed from the plane even though others had pleaded to be allowed to put the items in their own bags.

    However, Ryanair has insisted she was removed from pushing past gate staff without showing any form of ID, breaching airline security regulations.

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    It's a very good example why Ryanair, shouldn't be.
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    It's Ryanair. What does anyone expect? :rolleyes: And frankly, I don't think a boycott is going to work. It wouldn't even work with a "normal" airline. It sure won't work with Ryanair.

    As I've said before, I sympathize with anyone who has no option but to fly Ryanair, but anyone who chooses to fly them is a moron and deserves whatever they get.
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