Passengers rail against Amtrak cuts

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    When Mary Kimmel sets out to visit her great-grandchildren in Wisconsin, she buys an Amtrak ticket - about $180 for a round trip on three trains - and avoids expensive flights and lengthy car trips.
    Kimmel, a former Altoona school board member, said the possible loss this year of western Pennsylvania Amtrak service would leave her, and thousands of others, unable to travel easily to faraway cities.

    "It's a black eye for Altoona. What a slap in the face to the people who built this community," she said. "I know it seems like a little bit of money, but where else will it go?"

    Pennsylvania will have to contribute an estimated $5.7 million annually for Amtrak's Keystone West line to keep running through Altoona, Tyrone, Huntingdon and other communities. And while the decision rests largely in PennDOT's hands, rail advocates say Gov. Tom Corbett's proposed budget might hold the key to preserving the region's last surviving passenger train.

    Beneath the governor's headline-grabbing transportation proposals, like a wholesale gas-tax increase, is an $80 million fund for "multi-modal" transit: bicycle lanes, airports, pedestrian paths and railroads.
    "Maybe that's a source where it could come from. ... It could be a starting point for some changes," Michael C. Alexander, president of Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail, said.

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    Such cuts are unacceptable.

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