Passengers don't make rational judgements. Says IATA.

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    Yet another IATA study, as reported by Skift.

    and some more ..

    IATA Study

    What do you think ? Is Brand Loyalty what we call FF status ? and miles ?
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    Those of us that have been travelling for a while are well aware of this and have become quite
    skeptical about most the comments made about travel by people we dont know and also to some
    extent even people we know very well.
    Two examples that come readily to hand and will stick to airlines and seating since its among the topics referenced above;
    a) the question of completely flat and almost flat seating. Flat seating of both ilk has only been relatively common within the last 10 years (god knows how flyers "survived" previous to that :rolleyes:)
    but you read these boards and you see silly comments like ' i'm not going to ever put up with those "ski slope seats" as if it the end of the world and they claim to avoid certain carriers or fly perhaps a thousand miles more to avoid them.... me personally between the two versions I don't care. There some sloping seats that much more comfortable than other fully flat ones.

    b) Carriers... no single airline suffers from this perception more than BA They have a crappy FF program with rip-off YQ charges, snotty staff, poor baggage handling and abysmal ground and lounge staff. Try getting money owed to you back from them and it may take a year.
    Yet they are continuously rated among the world best. Among the reason given for the adulation "I like the British-ness of the airline" :D (this coming quite commonly from Americans) People prefer to fly BA just because their First lounges are better no matter the rest of the service. So one hour in a better lounge outweighs the experience of the other twelve of the trip. No other airline has had the multiple massive luggage debacles within the last few years at LHR, like BA

    Hey just love Masterpiece Theatre but substandard service is not more enjoyable just because of the accent of the service provider.
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