Passenger Flights Must Stop Carrying Lithium-Ion Batteries as Cargo

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    They have a history of overheating and can’t be stopped by fire suppressants on planes—and thousands of pounds’ worth were aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    There is growing pressure in the aviation industry to ban the shipment of lithium-ion batteries, like the consignment aboard Flight MH370, on all passenger-carrying airplanes. Well before the Malaysian Boeing 777 disappeared, there was rising concern that bulk packages of the batteries posed a safety hazard.

    Last fall, the Federal Aviation Administration carried out a series of tests at its Atlantic City technical center that simulated the consequences of the overheating of batteries carried in the cargo hold of an airliner. The tests took place in a 1960s vintage Boeing 727 airframe. They involved different sizes and combinations of the kind of lithium-ion batteries that are regularly shipped by manufacturers for use in electronics from cell phones to laptops.

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    It's about time! I know these items need to be shipped, but it shouldn't be by passenger aircraft. Bulk shipments need to be handled as a hazardouus material.
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    Must have been before AirTran was born...many forget the Everglades Fire.

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