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    I'm planning to fly from ATL to PHX and want to leave my vehicle in an onsite parking lot so I can walk from the car to the terminal. It will be there from Friday evening to the following Friday evening. In a forum post someone said they always park in the North daily parking area. I don't care about it being covered and just want the cheapest place with the best chance of finding a parking spot. I'll be parking it on a Friday evening probably around 8:30 pm. In a satellite view of the area the West economy parking had the most open parking spots. Can anyone share their opinions about which parking area would be cheapest and most likely to have open spots? North, West, South all would be fine. I'm flying Delta but don't care about walking a few exta yards if the Delta area is on the other side of the building from where I park. Also can anyone explain the difference between the daily parking and the economy parking?

    Thank you for any help!
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    If you do not mind taking a shuttle bus, have you thought about using a parking facility off of the airport grounds?

    Many parking facilities offer coupons — such as this one from PreFlight Parking, for example...


    ...or you can get a discount by paying for your parking in advance.

    Potentially even less expensive is using a service which offers parking at a hotel property. You can park for as low as $4.25 per day at the Days Inn College Park Airport Best Road hotel property through as one example of this type of service — but shop around, as you may be able to get an even better price.

    I am based in Atlanta; and the only time I ever have parked on the grounds at the airport was to pay for an hour or two because I was picking up somebody. I have never paid for long-term parking at the airport.

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