Parking in France - free during lunch time

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    Hi all,
    during my extensive car travel around the France, I have learnt that in many places (ncluding major cities), parking during the lunch time is free. In France they do not close shops and offices only for lunch time, but basically everything is closed, so parking officers do not work either.

    I've learnt this hard way - with swearing at the cost, I entered required X Euro for 2 hours parking at 11:50 into the parking machine to find out that the ticket the machine printed for me was vallid 15:50 instead of 13:50 as I expected...
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    The older French parking "discs" for car windshields when parking in timed zones made this clear with their arrive and depart time intervals.

    It also seems to be the case that a lot of illegal parking is tolerated during the evening and overnight, even in Paris. YMMV.

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