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    Got back from a 3 night stay in January with the wife. I used 2 free night certs from the Chase Hyatt Card, and booked a standard king with points (at the time I did not have enough points to book using all points for a suite). When I made the reservation, I booked the suites first and the room last, just in case the hotel's occupancy rate was low and we would be allowed to stay in the suite for the third night. I also requested an early check in. More on that later.

    Few observations; Roissy Bus was very convenient, even with luggage. The cost is 10 euros per person. The kiosk at the airport was broken, so the ticket was purchased on the bus. We arrived at the hotel around 1pm and our room was not ready. I informed the front desk that we would leave to eat lunch and return in an hour to check on the status of the room. They did offer to call, but that wouldn't work for us since we didn't have a french sim card installed, or rented phones. When we returned, our room was still being cleaned. I was informed that they were almost at full capacity the night prior thus the delay. They offered us to wait in the lounge area and would call us over when the room was ready. A little after 3pm I went to check with them, they apologized since the room was still not ready and upgraded us to an executive suite. We were then escorted to our room after 10-15 minutes.

    The service was very good, but to me it lacked the personal feel. Everyone was very professional and polite. I inquired about my diamond amenity when I noticed there wasn't one and was told it would be delivered later that night. Never happened, and I had to request it again the 2nd night.

    The room itself was spacious with 2 full bathrooms and living room. More than enough for both of us. The heated towel racks and floors were awesome, I would love to put those in my house. One of the bathrooms toilet was higher than the other. I think if you were over 6 ft it would be perfect fit. The other was more a standard size. The toilets did not flush well, such a waste of water.

    The rooms had a box of cookies instead of chocolate. I prefer the cookies since I'm not a big chocolate fan. Also, were to bottles of Evian water in each room. I was told they were complimentary but had to request them to be taken off the room bill.

    We had dinner at Pur which was a 6 course dinner and lasted a full 3 hours. One glass of champagne was 85 euros and we each had one. The rest of the cuisine was ok, personally not worth the cost for me. I'm more of a meat and potato kind of guy and ready to eat and go. It was an interesting experience nevertheless. The only dish I didn't enjoy was the cheese dish which came out before the dessert.

    Breakfast was interesting. I ordered the scrambled eggs, and it was runny (I did not tell them how I wanted it cooked, since in the states I order them one way). Not bad at all, and had a cottage cheese like texture. The next day my wife ordered the scrambled eggs well done, and it tasted better. The salmon was great, fresh and not salty. I noticed while in Paris that the food tasted bland with less salt. I would prefer it that way, maybe I'm used to the high sodium that found in our food here in the states. I also enjoyed the bread. On the last day I substituted the eggs benedict in place of the American breakfast. All in all breakfast was very good, but did not live up to the hype others have posted. I also left 5 euros as a tip each day, and was reflected in my bill.

    The last day we were required to check into out non-suite room. I can't remember the name but was told it was an upgrade as well. The room was on the same floor and had a king size bed. One thing my wife noticed were the amenities in the room had smaller sizes. The shampoo, lotions, etc were smaller. Also, this room didn't have the colgate plax mouthrinse like the suite. I wouldn't of noticed if she didn't point that out to me. I asked the fd to send up some shaving cream. There reply was "there should be one in the bathroom", which I replied that this room didn't have any. They then told me they would send it up. After a while it didn't show up so I called again. They ended up delivering toothpaste at this point I decided it wasn't worth the work, and left it alone.

    The PH Vendome to me is like flying on Singapore's fc (which I have yet to do), it is one of the aspirational hotels that one must experience. My expectations were high and the hotel delivered on most but also fell short on some others. Overall, we had a enjoyable stay at the PH. We spent most of our time in the city, and for the first time a suite was overkill, as we did not need all that space. But it was nice to have. Since the wife did a lot of shopping we were given tax exempt paperwork to get stamped at the airport. If you buy a lot give yourself enough time at the airport to take care of this. I ended up running back from our gate to try to take care of this. I didn't have enough time to make a long story short, and ended up just mailing in the post office box.
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    We stayed here for four nights in October as Diamonds on a points booking. On the whole we were satisfied and had a pleasant stay.

    I don't think we received much of a room upgrade, though I believe the check-in agent said it was one. We did have a King bed, and the bedroom was rather small, but the bathroom and dressing area was generously sized. I suspect it was a non-standard room, as the layout was fairly strange. It faced an inner courtyard (but not the ones over the restaurant or bar/smoking areas). I believe an interior facing courtyard is considered more desirable and perhaps an upgrade as it is quieter than a street-facing room would be, and there isn't much of a view. We received two bottle of water per day, and the welcome gift was a half bottle of wine. There was a coffee maker in the room. Bedding and sheets were comfortable and high quality. Overall the room was satisfactory and what we'd expect at this level of hotel.

    As Diamonds we received complimentary breakfast each day. The included breakfast includes the buffet plus one egg dish, with a value of 50 Euros per person. Alternatively you can order a la carte and get a credit of 50 Euros. The breakfast was fine and high quality, but somewhat limited in choices and selection. It was certainly great as a Diamond amenity, though I would feel it was grossly overpriced if paying cash.

    Service at the hotel was fine and polite, even if mainly perfunctory and not particularly friendly. It's Paris and it was typically Parisian.

    It's interesting that the hotel includes Place Vendome in its name, as it is not actually in the Place Vendome, but a block and a half away. That's really not a problem and the hotel's location is as good as any for visiting Paris. Certainly the Louvre, Orangerie and Musee d'Orsay are all convenient. I wouldn't say it's the best Park Hyatt in the world, but hey it's in Paris, and it's a good hotel for Paris and a steal on points, at least on the current chart at 22,000.
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    As my late father would have said, "that's what makes horse races!" We are scheduled to return in June for our fourth stay and each time, we have been so impressed (obviously!). The hotel is simply elegant, the staff is incredibly professional, etc. We've been spoiled because each time we were able to stay in an Executive Suite (and certainly hoping we get lucky again this time).

    All of my stays have, basically, been pretty much free. We paid for a few nights the first time years ago (thru AMEX FHR) and the rest on points. We were lucky to get a total of 200,000 Capital One points (me and my wife total) years ago when they could be redeemed for Hyatt Gift Certificates and were even luckier that a Virtuoso agent got us a ridiculously low rate for the Exec Suite.

    Yes, breakfast is MUCH more than I would pay for but hey, we don't have to. And to say it is ridiculously expensive is an empty statement - the question is how does it compare to other top luxury hotels and my guess is that it's in the very same ballpark. Most of us on Milepoint are looking for ways to live Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for next to nothing so I do get a kick out of how critical some of us can be. All I know is that I always relish my time at this PH and always look forward to returning. When I can have a vacation that would cost thousands for free and make me feel like a million bucks, I'm a very happy and grateful camper! Our youngest used points to book a stay at the Starwood Prince de Galles - we've been there three times. I convinced him to get two Hyatt cards and use the four free nights at this PH. We used our points for his fifth night. He got to redeposit his 120,000 Starwood points and I know he will have a spectacular experience.
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    As a fallen Hyatt Diamond, I can make one statement about the sommelier service at the PH Paris Vendome - the hotel is excellent about substituting the allocated wine amenity for a wine one has not previously sampled, if requested at the time of check-in. Given the FFN promotion that Hyatt used to provide, I do have either 7 or 8 lifetime stays there.

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